Todd Stanton, Owner of Todd Productions Inc: A Brief History

Ever since Todd Stanton picked up a Super 8mm film movie camera back in 1978, he knew he would always want to make films. At 10 years old , he called his make-believe movie company, "Todd Productions". He had always been a creative child, and film gave him an outlet to continue that creative gift.

Todd would continue to make little story films throughout his early teen years. Then in high school, 'Filmmaking' was offered as an english credit, and of course, Todd jumped right on that opportunity! He even produced a music video that won Best-in-Show for the school's Film Awards Program.

As the years progressed, so did technology. Super 8mm film was replaced with videotape. And in 1986, Todd Stanton bought his first 8mm video camera. This camera began to open up new doors of opportunity.

Todd continued to film not only personal video, but he started to shoot weddings for friends and family.

As Todd approached adult life, the blending of the need for employment and the desire to be creative led to the field of mechanical engineering. Pursuing a career as a machine designer in the Tool & Die industry, this seemed to be Todd Stanton's creative calling. Todd used his creative gift to design machines that not only would accomplish the required task, but were cost effective to build. He also gave his then employer the idea that he could produce "maintenance" videos to be shipped with the finished machine. At that point, every finished machine was delivered to the customer with such a video.

Todd continued his career in the Tool & Die industry, eventually becoming Project Manager at various companies. And then in 1994, he and fellow co-workers started their own Tool & Die company. This gave Todd the taste of the benefits of self-employment.

Then in 1997, Todd was given an opportunity to produce a video for a local trade school. This became his first "big paying" side job. The concept of the possibility of being completely self-employed became more and more a reality.

And so in 1999, Todd Stanton quit his "day job" and made Todd Productions Inc. a real company.

As the years went on and the internet was becoming more and more popular, clients of Todd Productions Inc. became more and more interested in needing their produced video to be on their website. The question, "Can you make us a website?" became a question Todd Productions Inc. could not refuse any longer. In 2001, Todd Productions Inc. added Website Development to the services offered.

Todd Stanton has had several others join him in his media producing company. He now employs video assistants, web programmers, and copy writers. Todd Productions Inc. has continued to add services as time has advanced. Services such as Printed Material, Web Hosting, DVD duplication, Photography, Logo Design, and many others, have continued to keep Todd Productions' clients their one-stop-shop for their marketing and multi-media needs.

About Todd Productions

Originally established in 1984, Todd Stanton began his part time wedding video and editing service and turned it into the business it is today.

In 1999, Todd Productions became a full service multi-media firm that integrates the latest technology and cutting edge design methods into every project undertaken.

In the broadest sense, yet with impeccable focus, Todd Productions specialize in every kind of video production, from small, intimate weddings to large, corporate productions for global & local companies and institutions.

Web design and development, along with web hosting and an array of internet supportive tools, including digital and printed media, are also part of Todd Productions' repertoire for over a decade now.

Todd Productions will provide every client with a comprehensive and sensible solution with integrity, meaning, and the utmost care that any client can and should expect, when it comes to their personal or business image.

After all, the work we do for our clients reflects on OUR image and therefore, we will treat every project as our very own.

Let us provide a solution for you today! So we ask ... WHAT DO YOU NEED ?